Friday, March 07, 2008


This marks my 100th post.
which is pretty crazy.
my blog has changed a lot over time
-in a good way of course.
and I've actually acquired other readers
besides my best friend and boyfriend.
which is nice.
The new room has made me 
quite productive.
I created new batches of Easter cards this week
They are all currently up on etsy right now.
All are in sets ranging from 2-4
and all are between $6-10.

I'll also be posting a set of 2 watercolor squid cards today.
They are priced at $8.00
Hopefully I can continue to make more in the coming weeks
Though March is a busy busy month!
We shall see.

In other news today is 
my dear friend Bunny's birthday!
I plan on making her a card and getting her 
some madelines from Balthazar Bakery.
It should be a fun celebration this evening.

In conclusion, I would like to dedicate 
my 100th post to my dad.   
Even though he did not make my Valentine's list
(much to his dismay haha)
he is still at the top of my list of those i love.
Below is a picture of my dad circa 1973
he was a track superstar.


Caroline said...

That picture of your dad is great! I love looking at photos of my parents, pre-children. It's weird to see them so young and fresh (like me!)

And congratulations on 100 posts!

Shannon said...

I think it's spectacular that you have squid cards. I'm a big fan of cephalopods. I especially like the playground squid. :)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic pix boy that guy was fast and what great hair

~Stella said...

Great picture of your dad! I love your easter cards!

Allison said...

Stars of Track & Field! Hah. Cute bunnies :]