Sunday, March 02, 2008

Etsy Favs

I've been thinking a lot 
about that article I read in the L.
(See Regina and friends post)
I started thinking that maybe I 
need to switch to non-chemical-fied
(i made that up)

So this week on my etsy favs
I picked some handmade body products
that I think look awesome.
And will probably end up buying
once i run out of the things i am currently using.

The beauty of finding these sellers on etsy,
is that you are getting all natural products
without the high price tag.
Etsy sellers make it easy to be green!

I was completely taken by this shop, 
because they make their own laundry detergent!
I recently ran out of mine, and was in the market
for some new suds.  So I snatched it right up!
The maker has sensitive skin and has taken it upon 
herself to create all natural products she can use.
Now that is a savvy bunny.
Another plus is that it comes in a paper bag 
with a wooden scooper. 
Recycleable and reusable!

I actually just placed an order from bunny butt.
Which i should be receiving soon!
They create all kinds of goodies from soaps, 
lotions, lip balms and scrubs.
best of all-they offer a sampling set
of 3 different lotion scents ($5)
so you can decide which you like.
I ordered this- because I couldn't decide.
My scents are birthday cake, pomegranate sage, 
and mango papaya. yum!

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argylewhale said...

Excellent finds! I became an avid handmade beauty products buyer this year too.