Sunday, March 30, 2008

Etsy Favs

I've been a tad lazy with my etsy favs.
Last week was easter, and I think that
I was also away the weekend before that.

But never fear, here I am
in the BF's kitchen in Queens.
With some sweet new etsy finds!

First we have this "See-thru Shark print"
by Berkley Illustration
In this store there are tons of awesome
animal portraits.
The best part is that they are shown with collars
or military uniform jackets.
It's a pretty brilliant idea
and at 7$ each they are easily collectible.
naturally I want the bunny.
But I also liked this shark!

Next up we have the coolest bracelet ever.
It comes from Luster Studio.

I am basically addicted to Haribo.
When I was in Rome much of my time
was spent hunting down foreign gummies.
The classic gold bears are always a favorite of mine,
so when I saw this bracelet I nearly fell over.
There is also a necklace just like it.
I love Luster Studio's shop because of all
the wearable sweets!!

Finally, I stumbled upon a super cute
and super cheap set of notecards
from Isabell's Umbrella.
This set of mini cards is $3.50.
You receive 12 cards.
And there are a couple choices
of cute creatures. There is also
a "create your own set".
I recommend buying some cards
and sending them out to friends asap.
We should write letters more often.


Anonymous said...

I love the notecard!

ash & mat said...

thank you so much for featuring my notecards! I love your blog!

ChristopherAndTia said...

That shark print is FANTASTIC! I have a friend who loves shark, that just might get one of those prints for her birthday this year :)