Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check these out!

I found lots of cool things
on my usual rounds to websites
this morning.

The gothamist posted a blurb
about these amazing pictures
from the American Museum
of Natural History.

They most were taken when the museum
was being put together and in the very
early years of its opening.

I'm a sucker for old photos,
and these do not disappoint!

Go here to see them all,
below is a preview.

The next thing to see is from National Geographic.
It is a video of a great white shark that jumps
out of the water to catch it's prey..at night.
No one knows why, but the video is cool
and thankfully no seals seem to be harmed in the
video. it goes for the faux seal. whew.

In other news, I will be gone for the remainder
of the week.
The bf is whisking me away to the midwest
to attend a wedding, ride roller coasters, visit
his family, and possibly ride a horse...
I'll let you know how that last one goes...


Rebecca said...

Have a great time!

RainbowMom said...

I dig old photos as well. :) Have fun playing on vacation!