Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Latest Obsession

Lately I've been on the search
for the perfect candle.
Sounds weird, I know.

But all candles are not created equal.

Sometime last summer
I was in Barney's Co-op in Soho,
and I stumbled upon the most
fantastical candles ever.
Malin+Goetz sure know their scents
let me just say that.

However, at the time I was not too keen
on spending $48 on something
that would eventually melt away.

Nearly a year later, after searching
the better part of manhattan
(read: below 14th st)
for the perfect candle, I found myself
back at Barney's Co-op shelling out $48
for the only candle that made me happy.

The scent I chose is Cannabis.
Rarely do I use the term "sexy"
to describe anything but a person
but this candle is sexy.
Musky, earthy, savory. sexy.

So if you find yourself in a candle bind
look to Malin+Goetz. Best $48 candle ever.

1 comment:

LazyTcrochet said...

If only I could sniff it....
I got a Yankee Candle votive the other day. I think the lady was shocked that I was only going to spend $1.99. I love the scent - it's Autumn Woods. I guess I'll save it for a chilly day.