Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happenings of 7.10

I woke up early to go walk
Mr. Serg McGurg Fluffyface,
and while I was transferring
my money and what nots from
the purse to the tote bag
I noticed something unusual.

At the bottom of my purse
was a plastic medallion that
my grandparents gave me when
I began driving 8 years ago.
The pendant features St. Jude
(Mom Mom and Pop Pop are/were very religious)
and it says "St. Jude Travel Club Member"

They gave me a small bag of religious items
to keep in my glove compartment, and I kept
them there more because Mom Mom and Pop Pop
had given them, than for the Jesus reason.

I have no idea how this medallion made it
into my purse..
The baggie of religious items is in a
container on my bureau, and the last time
I even remember seeing this it was still in
the little plastic container it came in....

I'm taking this as an "all systems go"
for our rtw trip, and maybe as a sign
that Pop Pop thinks it is a good idea.

I will definitely be bringing their bag
of good luck with me when i travel.

In other news, I think that I am
beginning to grow on Serg.
We had a great walk today,
very fast paced (which is unusual
for him) and I just got the feeling
that he finally was liking me.

So i took him to the little pet store
on Bedford and got him some treats.

This made him quite happy, and it
was nice to see his tail wag.
He even gave me a kiss, which he
never ever does.

Makes me sad I can't adopt him now.
I'd love to bring him home,
and give him 24-7 lovins. sigh.

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Hyla Waldron said...

Wishing you a safe trip!