Monday, July 28, 2008

Wonderful Day

Oh my goodness,
yesterday was such a wonderful
25th birthday!

The bf and I got up early to
go to brunch at Egg
(I have been addicted to their grits
as of late)
and then walk Sergio!

In the evening we headed to
Fette Sau for some delicious bbq
with some of my dearest friends!
In addition to the good company,
I received some wonderful gifts.

The bf got me a box of happy hippos,
a squid book that I had wanted forever, and
a bunny in a cage necklace from catbird
that I had my eye on. He is the best. fact.

My roommate Katie got me this magical starfish
pendant on her trip to seattle!

Christina found this belt buckle that
combines my love for gaudiness and pugs!

And Meghan has managed to find another book
that seems to have been written just for me,
and she made that lovely bracelet for me!

Many thanks to everyone who sent notes,
cards and well wishes yesterday!!
It really meant a lot!


tattytiara said...

Happy birthday, and great haul!

Jenna said...

i didn't realize you were my age!