Thursday, January 29, 2009


Whilst reading PerezHilton the other day
I came across one of the headlines of the week
and it read "Raccoon bites off rapist's penis"

Weird story yes, but there was a picture of a raccoon
and it reminded me how cute they are, and of
this video that I love of a family of raccoons
begging for ice cream.

I went on a hunt for raccoon videos and came up with these.
They both made me laugh.

They are adorable and yet potentially dangerous creatures,
most widely known for being rabies carriers and distributors.
On the wikipedia page it said that pet raccoons can live up to
20 years, while wild ones only have a life expectancy of
1.5-3 years. Crazy.
Judging from some of the videos Ive seen they are
pretty sweet when kept as pets.

But I'm sure that they could go from this

to this. fairly quickly.

I totally love that last picture.
It's the typical face that serg makes when
we travel to new jersey.
Though sergie's teeth are definitely not that
white. This raccoon wins the clean teeth award.
I love this picture so much I've made it my desktop
background. I'm a dork. I know.

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