Sunday, January 11, 2009

Super Post

After weeks of wondering where my camera
plug had disappeared to, the bf finally found it.
In his drawer...
The only place that I didn't look, gaaah,
well the important thing is that it is
no longer missing.

I've finally uploaded some Christmas photos

and have completed new Valentines.
Which were posted on etsy today,

along with some oldies but goodies.
check them out here.

Ah! in other really exciting nerd news,
I received my juicer! yesssss
It's awesome, and thankfully easy to use.
The bf and I have been juicin' like crazy!
We love it, and it's going to save me money
since I buy juice on a pretty regular basis.

Lets see... what else...
oh! You can find our happy tail on the BARC website,
I had sent them an update on Serg, and a totally
adorable new photo. He is such a sweet man.
Currently all snuggled up napping on his blanket.

Today is going to be a nice relaxing day,
we're going to be cooking up some dinner later,
and I will be camped out in front of the tv for
ROCK OF LOVE BUS. best show ever.
bridezilla's runs a close second.
The bf will cringe upon reading that-
he hates bridezilla's. But I can never get enough.
I think my next post will be dedicated completely
to the rock of love bus. so stay tuned.


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Rebecca said...

Aw! Your "Happy Tail" is so sweet - and truly happy!