Friday, March 13, 2009


"the dance party that will ruin your life"
yes please.

I will FINALLY be attending CHERYL this month.

For non- new yorkers or people not familiar
with this dance party, Cheryl is describes as this
on their facebook page:
"CHERYL is a monthly dance party that explores the
themes of mortality, mania, the feline-human connection,
the limits of shoulders, the flammability of dollar-store hair extensions,
and the staining power of fake blood"

in other words, jackpot.
Every party has a theme and
an accompanying video.

This months theme is
The Great Depression, Take Two: Electric Boogaloo.
So basically I will be making a trash bag into a dress
and perhaps some plastic bags into puffy sleeves.
and gold tights....naturally...

Here is the video for this party

for those unfamiliar with this, just remember
to not think too hard on this. just enjoy it
for what it is....awesome.

you can watch the rest of their videos here

and you can attend this party next thursday night
at ROYALE in park slope. it starts at 10. be there at 10.

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