Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Cover Up.

Like most New Yorkers I own a good amount
of American Apparel clothing.
One of my favorite 50/50 long sleeve shirts
was attacked by olive oil, which left a large
stain in the center. Not cool.

I was thinking that I'd make an applique
for it, but then switched to stencil work.
golden stencil work.

This was a surprisingly easy project.

First I drew out my design on a fancier
version of contact paper

squid. because I can't get enough.

Then I cut out the design with my trusty x-acto knife
and laid the stencil on the shirt.

I painted it using fabric paint, and a stencil brush
and just dabbing away.

This is my final product.

I think it's pretty sweet.
I can't wait to wear it!!
Hello golden squid goodbye oil stain!


Rebecca said...

Very crafty! I'm super impressed with out it come out!

Anonymous said...

love it! you should start selling shirts on etsy.

nan said...

haha i like it.