Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's Official!

The bf and I are going to PARIS!
We bought the tickets, booked the hotel
and are ready to go!
Too bad we have to wait until May.
But it's ok because this gives us the chance to save money
so that we- well, I, can do some serious
flea market shopping.

I was reading on tripadvisor.com
and there is apparently an old books market,
which I will definitely be meandering around at.
Just think of all the treasures there!!!

I'm also looking forward to doing some
touristy things as well.

This time I want to visit the Sacre-Coeur,
the catacombs, and actually sit outside a cafe.

Like Fred Astaire I am going to dance
my way through the streets.

and stuff my face with deliciousness
in pastry form.
and the cheese! oh the cheese.
and wine! oh my goodness.
this trip is going to be amazing.


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Anonymous said...

how exciting! I enjoy 'Funny Face' because in it astaire is a photographer. I've always wanted to do a shoot based on it... mainly the scene with the balloons.