Thursday, July 01, 2010

Summer of Sammies #1 and 2

Last Sunday the bf and I began our journey
through the 101 Best Sandwiches of NYC.

Our first sammy was at Katz's Deli on the LES.
For $14.95 you get a delicious pile of Pastrami
with mustard on rye. This was the most buttery, rich,
and satisfying deli sammy that I have ever had.

If you have the $15 bucks to spare, this is
definitely worth trying but, if you are strapped for
cash then check out their hot dogs and soups
Much more affordable, and who doesn't love
matzoh ball soup!?

We then meandered down Orchard St
towards our next place. Cheeky Sandwiches.
If you didn't look out the window, you would
think that you were in New Orleans.
We got the Oyster Po' Boy and a Root Beer
that was only found at Cheeky's and NOLA.
*I should also note that I'm not really any oyster fan,
I've even had fried oysters that I've hated.
But this was perfection. So many flavors coming
together to make one delicious sandwich.

After that I truly was stuffed, though I did managed to
make some extra room for a Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
cone. As we made our way into Chinatown, we continued
our search for the elusive Dragonfruit.
This time we found it!!! After months of searching
it was finally ours.
It was quite good, very kiwi-esque.

Another wonderful Sunday.

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