Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer of Sammies #3

This past 4th of July was ridiculously hot,
possibly too hot. But the bf and I braved the heat
and headed into the city for our friends rooftop party.
Because we wanted to avoid being on a rooftop while
the sun was still at it's worst we decided to take our
good old time getting there.

We found ourselves at This Little Piggy had Roast Beef.
A tiny sammy shop on 1st Ave and 9th St that specialized in
a-m-a-z-i-n-g roast beef sandwiches. As recommended
by NY Mag we ordered the "That Way" (about $8) ,
which is a delicious roll, topped with freshly sliced roast beef,
gravy, and fresh mozzarella.
We even got a few complimentary french fries!

This sammy is a monster. I couldn't make it through
the last few bites of my half-and I was pretty much full
for the rest of the night after consuming this at
4pm. This will definitely be a place that I return to
again and again.

The rest of our 4th was nice, we found a bar that
has a cider on tap. (It was perfectly refreshing on
a 90+ degree day) We then meandered over
to the boys rooftop, where we were met with a crowd
of at least 100, which eventually grew to about 200.
We had a few drinks and watched the fireworks, then
just as the rave began-yes some people did have glowsticks-
we made our way back to Queens for one last drink at our
favorite local bar.

It was an excellent 4th spent with friends and without pants.

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