Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Wishlist Obsessions

Today is my Champagne Birthday!
I'm 27 on the 27th
(how time flies...)

Here is a list of things that I want
to have or do as a lady of 27.

Puff Pastry.
Yes, I've talked about this before.
It's still stewing, I've been reading recipes
and watching videos and soon, I hope to
be able to make it myself.

I really do miss it. That city is easy to
fall in love with. I often find myself daydreaming
about walking along the battery, eating a sammy
from Groucho's, and staying at the Mills House.

Ice Cream Maker.
Just another thing on the ever-growing list of
things that I want to master.

French 3 and 4
I'll be re-taking french 3 because the summer
course just seemed too short. I really want to take
the time and really understand what I'm learning.

I want to be in Paris. Just the idea makes me
want to swoon. I want to sit by the Seine and
eat baguettes and drink wine, explore the maze
that is Montmartre, and gorge on rich pate's/
terrines/marrows/cheeses. ah Paris...

The forgotten shows.
When the bf and I moved in together we decided
to nix the premium channels because they were just
too expensive. Alas, I lost track of Dexter and the Tudors.
This year I want to catch up, I'm putting it on the list
because it's a must.

New Mexico.
I have a dear dear friend that moved there recently.
My first NYC friend. I miss her terribly.
I want to get out there and have western adventures.

Vintage Dresses.
Etsy is an amazing resource for vintage shopping.
I've been obsessing over these 50's style cocktail dresses
and I will get one this year.

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