Monday, May 26, 2008

Dear Diary, Jackpot.

The latest edition of the Time Out NY
food awards has come out.
So the bf told me to pick a place to eat
from the best of's.

After scouring the pages I decided on
Fette Sau. Because, to me, a good BBQ place
beats out any kind of gourmet fare.

Let me say that Fette Sau did not disappoint.
We arrived to find it totally packed, yet
we were still able to find seats (score)
The daily meat menu is written on a chalkboard
and you buy your meats of choice by the pound.
This system is also used with the side dishes.

Our choices were 1/2 lb of pulled pork
1/4 lb of brisket and a small order
of german potato salad. You also receive 2 slices
of potato bread per person, thus enabling you
to create the most delicious pulled pork smamich ever.
(i wish i had taken a picture of our platter,
but i had to steal one from google images. wah wah...)

The sauces are available on the table,
and the sweet sauce is amazing.
For beverages you have a nice choice of beers,
locally made sodas, and whiskeys.

I loved this place so much, I'm thinking
that I may have my 25th birthday dinner here. haha.

In other news the bf and I are leaving
for New Orleans tomorrow!!
I am so excited to stuff my face with good food!
I'll take lots of pictures and post when i return!
Have a good week everyone

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