Saturday, May 10, 2008

your own, personal, New York.

As usual I started my morning off with a reading
of the Gothamist, to see what's happening in my city.

There was a link to an article about how
women are making pilgrimages to NY
to see the Sex & the City landmarks.
There are bus tours, and even a service
(a very expensive one i'm sure)
that will take you to the restaurants, stores,
and even let you get some botox.
All in the name of reliving this show.

If this is your obsession, and you have the $$
I guess, go for it.
However, the New York lifestyle portrayed in this show
is very different than the lifestyle of most New Yorkers.


I realize that Sex & the City is the new urban fairy tale,
but maybe instead of trying to relive something fictional,
you come to nyc to make it your own.

I have little spots all over the city, that I consider "mine".
My favorite place to sit in Union Square (near the dog park),
Favorite restaruant ('inoteca), favorite chinese restaurant
(yummy house aka hoes), favorite street (clinton st)
you get the point.

So I guess my message to these ladies
is to forget the bus tour.
get out there and find your own New York.

Life in this city can still play out like a fairy tale,
even if you are wearing 10$ shoes from kmart
and drinking 1$ PBR's.

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