Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hooray for May!

I'm finding it hard to believe it is May.
Where does the time go??
It's only the 1st and this month looks promising.
the bf and I are taking our trip to New Orleans,
the aquarium called and I go for an interview on Sunday, 
and my new hostess job starts tomorrow.
Things are good.
I've been gocco-ing as much as possible
and today I created these

It's birthday squid surprise!
I also made gift tags with him on them.
I've become a big fan of postcards rather than folded cards.
I can't really say why.
Soon they will be posted on etsy. 
$3 each or 4 for $10.

In other news, my friend Christina
sent me a link to a NY Times article
about a Colossal squid that was being studied.
In the article it linked to the researchers blog
and it is heaven. 
You can find it here, or in the side link bar.
My favorite is the picture of the huge beak!!
Just look at that thing! 
Totally terrifying but amazing.

The only thing that bothers me 
is that the title of the NYT article was
"Giant Squid has biggest eye in world, 
scientists say"
OK. this is not a Giant squid.
this is a Colossal squid.
You are probably thinking -
Jess, it's practically the same thing.

But it isn't.
Here are a few differences.

Colossal Squid-Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni
Giant Squid- Architeuthis

Colossal Squid- suckers with hooks
Giant Squid- suckers with small teeth

Colossal Squid-grows 39-46 feet
Giant Squid-33-43 feet

The NYT needs to get their facts straight.
Besides the title the article is interesting, 
but I encourage all readers to head to the
Te Papa blog. They have great pictures and 
interesting facts!


Elise of Argyle Whale said...

your gocco works are coming out splendidly!

The Nature Nut said...

Wow - cool squid! Best of luck with your interview :o)

Rosebud Collection said...

Now that is a different kind of picture..Not sure I would ever want to bump into him while swimming..