Thursday, May 22, 2008

A few things...

Yesterday I hit my 100th heart on etsy!
and I thought that was pretty cool.
So, in honor of 100 people liking me
I am adding 10% off everything in my shop
until Sunday 5/25. yay!

#2: A Note to Mother Nature.
Dear Mrs. Nature,
You are driving me crazy.
One moment it is raining, 
next its blue skies and sun.
Make up your mind, 
and by make up your mind
I mean send us some summer weather...

I created a new sketch for a gocco print
and this is it.

Sweet Steven Jenkins napping with Fluffy J Bunny,
Fluffy J is dreaming of cupcakes,
while Jenkins dreams of human limbs....
so sweet and so deadly.
Once these are made I'll be posting them on etsy.

Here is a photo of the painting for the bf
it's almost finished!

I'ts been a very long time but I plan
on doing another Etsy Fav post soon.
I've been finding lots of cool sellers and items.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

um steven jenkins dreaming of limbs is amazing