Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hello Sunshine.

Yesterday was the first friday 
in a very long time, 
where the sun was shining all day.
It was glorious!

Yesterday was also fun
I had lunch with my friend Avia,
and while we were stuffing our faces 
with large chocolate ice cream cones,
I was approached by a woman and a photographer
who were wondering if they could take my picture
for french Glamour.
Random right?
Naturally I agreed, and they said that it would
be in the August issue! woo!
The guy who photographed me also gave me his card
and he does a very cool fashion blog.

I had a lot of time to kill be
fore work
so I stopped in at the old job and said hi to everyone.
Then I did something that I haven't done in ages.
I wandered in and out of stores.
This rarely happens because I am so broke
and I often find it hard to restrain myself 
when I see items that I feel I must own.

Luckily I am fully aware that I have no money.
And I simply enjoyed browsing.
I stopped in at
-Dinosaur Designs (I LOVE this place)

I am kind of obsessed with this bracelet from
Dino Designs, if they have it in gold
I think I will have to go into debt for it...

oh! and there was this great store on 10th 
possibly between 1st and A,
that had a wonderful collection of cacti.
I will definitely be back there buying some.
you know, when I have money someday..


BabyLyons said...

I do a lot of browsing too, lol. That's awesome about you being photographed! Definantly not something you'd expect while you're eating a huge ice cream cone :)

altamiranyc said...

Hey! Thanks for the visit!

The photo editors at Glamour France actually will be making the final decisions as to which girls fit the image and style they were looking for (it's very specific).

Your pictures turned out adorable! I think there was a car coming from behind me and in a moment of fear, you raised and shrugged your shoulders. On camera, the emotion looked so cute!

See you around town!