Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Visitor

Tomorrow my sister Nan
(the one having the baby!)
is coming to visit me.

I'm not really sure what we will be doing yet
It's supposed to be a pretty lousy day
weather-wise. And that usually means a day
of stuffing my face with good food!

No complaints here.
I think monday the bf and I will take her
to central park, whatever stores she wants to go to,
and buy her whatever food she has a craving for.

Here are some foods i'm craving at this moment,
and restaurant suggestions! haha.

Pork Buns at Ssam Bar
(i think i write about these all the time...)

Polenta at 'inoteca
(and everything else in this picture, 
'inoteca is my FAVORITE place to eat)

Spaghetti Carbonara at Crispo
(seriously the most perfect carbonara ever.)

Shrimp Tempura roll at Lure (job #1)
(no picture for this one. sorry kids!)

Hope everyone has a good saturday!!

1 comment:

Beat Black said...

holy yum!
the food posts are the best posts in my opinion