Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It's been nice to be home,
I spent the weekend with the bf.
We caught up on the Tudors,
had dinner at Quaint, stuffed our faces
with Chipotle, and saw Iron Man.

I wasn't sure that I'd like it, because
I don't follow comics so I was 
kind of clueless about the plot.
But I really enjoyed it!
I love Robert Downey Jr, I'm glad he 
got himself together, 
because he is such a good actor.

Oh and if you do go see it, 
stay until the credits are over.
There is a bit of a teaser at the end!
the bf knew about it so we got to see it.

Before the movie we were strolling around
the Virgin Megastore and looking at movies.
I finally found a movie I had been searching for
called  "Midnight".

Couldn't buy it because I'm broke
but I like knowing that I can buy it.

I found a few other movies 
that I had the bf netflix for me.
-The Red Shoes (Ballerina!)
-The Night Porter( it looks sexy)
-Le Samourai(curiouser and curiouser)

In baby news, little Joel is hanging in there.
and here is his first picture.


Rosebud Collection said...

Looks like you had a nice time..
Never saw the picture Midnight..will have to check that one out..
Hope the little one will be home soon.

fluffnflowers said...

Sounds like a nice mellow time. I'll be thinking healthy thoughts for your nephew! He's a doll baby. :)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

I pray your little nephew is healthy soon. So precious!

Memory said...

What a lovely little boy, best wishes for his safe and healthy development. :)

snowy652 said...

sounds like a very nice weekend

I will add my prayers in for Joel

Blessings ~ Shell