Monday, December 15, 2008


First and foremost a very large thank you
to my parents who have sent the bf and I
a very wonderful and beautiful christmas gift.

Check out this sweet entertainment center from
Pottery Barn. It's from the Rhys collection, and it
fits the feel of our place perfectly.
Just one more step on the path
to making this house, a home.

Last night the bf and I decided to go ice skating
at the museum of natural history. We arrived to find
that the "ice" was actually a recyclable synthetic surface
-which we though was great (at first),
we are all for eco-friendly anything.

We got there a bit early so we grabbed a cup of hot chocolate,
which was so delicious! and watched as everyone that was out
on the "ice" seemed to be falling . This rink was mostly kids
so we just figured that it was their first time skating.

Well, as soon as we set foot on the rink, we found out
why no one was actually skating. The "ice" was awful,
basically cold, slick plastic. Impossible to skate on
and completely disappointing, which was a shame because
it was such a beautiful space and such delicious hot chocolate.

We ended up asking for a refund, because we made it
(with much difficulty) around the rink just once.
And decided that this was not fun, or worth it.
We didn't get the refund but we did get 2 vouchers to
the museum, which was totally fine with us.

After that we went down to Mara's for some
delicious food and Abita beer.
I'm newly obsessed with the fried okra.
soooo good.

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