Monday, December 08, 2008


Our party was great!

Everyone had a great time,
and we managed to raise $87
for the BARC Shelter too!

And believe it or not Sergio was a perfect angel,
I had told everyone to avoid petting him when they came in.
This allowed him to get used to the crowd of people
without feeling threatened.
By the end of the night he was letting anyone pet him,
and was even looking for the affection.
The bf and I were and are so proud of him!

We also received some excellent housewarming gifts
Rebecca gave me a very special apron, Meghan got us a
pancake, crepe and waffle cookbook, and a dog whisperer book.
Shawna brought us a tealight fountain, Jamie and Steve
picked up a big box of dog treats for the man, and Carly
has added another ornament to our tree.
Captain Hook.

Thanks to everyone who came out,
we're lucky to have such a great group of friends.

(I'll post more photos once i get my hands on them!)

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