Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Makin' Stuff

Yesterday the bf and I had off,
so we spent the day running errands
(two of which failed- i.e: cookie cutter mission
and the quest for the cupcake shop)

We spent the rest of the day around the house,
I tried to print my christmas cards, and they
turned out awful. 3 screen gocco prints are NOT easy.
I deeply admire those who can do them successfully
because I definitely cannot. After some tears,
and encouragement from the bf, I pulled myself together
and vowed to try again. ( as soon as i order some more supplies)

After that debacle, I took my hot apple cider into the kitchen
and focused on my bath fizzies.

I found the recipe for these in the latest
Martha Steward Living magazine, and it is surprisingly easy!
Many people will be receiving these for christmas.
oh, and they are peppermint scented. yum.

After the fizzies were finished, I started baking.
Our holiday/housewarming party is next Sunday,
so there is lots to do before then.

The first batch was Chocolate Hazelnut
and with the exception of the first tray
that burnt a little, they turned out awesome!
I'll post the complete recipe in my future cookie post.

Goodness this is a long post.
I'll end with these photos.

I brought back some christmas items
from jersey, and now our apartment is
a little more christmas-y! the tree is in my studio
and below is Lamby, or Lammie. or Lambie
I don't think I've ever written it out before, but
anyway Lamby looks like a supersized slipper
that resided under my mom mom and pop pops tree
every christmas. I was lucky enough to become
Lamby's new owner and he now lives at my house
currently in my studio because he was freaking serg out.

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