Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year In Retrospect.

It's December 30th.
2008 is almost at it's end.

So today will be a list of 5 events that stood out
from 2008, and tomorrow will be my
5 hopes or resolutions (whichever you prefer)
for the coming year.

These are in no particular order.

Last May the bf and I ventured down to New Orleans
for the first time, and now we can't wait to go back!
It introduced us to Abita beer, the Bourbon House,
and so much delicious food! If you haven't been,
it is so worth going down to explore.
There is so much history, beautiful architecture,
and culture you will have a hard time deciding what
to do first!! We had such a great time on that trip,
I can't even say enough about it.

4.) The House.
The bf moved into our dream apartment in early October,
and it is really coming together as a home.
It's been a lovely living situation, and I'm looking forward
to the summer so that we can have BBQ's on our patio
and planters full of herbs and small veggies.
It's also been nice to have a house that is
truly my own, instead of moving into a home
that someone else had already created.

3.)The Wine Bar
After getting fired from 2 jobs in 2008,
my employment anywhere was looking bleak.
The economy was tanking, other people were
losing their jobs, and if it weren't for this hostess job
I found on craigslist I wouldn't be at the only
job that I haven't started to hate after a couple months.
Yes, like anyone I still don't feel like going to work,
but I actually love the people that I work with and for,
and I've learned a lot about wine.
I've even started drinking red wine- how about that!
All around it's been a great -albeit sometimes frustrating- experience
(as waiting tables can be) but it marks another year of
avoiding the corporate monster and bringing in
enough money to afford a great home,
a furry friend, and creature comforts.

2.)The Man
I met Sergio in April when I was volunteer dog walking
at BARC, and he wasn't the most likable or quick moving dog,
but we got to know eachother and have been attached ever since.
I adopted him in October, right after we moved, and he has proven
to be a wonderful dog. (when he isn't in new jersey
showing his teeth or stealing pierogies) He is ridiculously loyal,
energetic, and just all around a funny little dog. I don't think that
I could have ever imagined a dog like him,
but I can't imagine myself without him. I love my mans.

1.) Joelie Bear.
Joelie is my new nephew that decided that he wanted
to be born in May instead of August.
He has survived heart surgery, eye surgery, kidney failure,
and grown from this fragile little preemie (sp?)

to this sturdy 15lb 8oz handsome bear

This recent photo was taken around Halloween,
so just imagine how much chubbier his cheeks have gotten
in 2 months. He is the sweetest thing in the world and we are
ridiculously lucky to have him. I can't wait for two things with him,
the first is when he is able to come visit the bf and I in queens, and the
second is when our whole family can take him to Disney World.


Rebecca said...

Aw! Sounds like you had a really great year!

P.J.S. said...

It does sound like a great year! But please never go back to New Orleans. Terrible, terrible things happen there. Like going to jail.