Wednesday, February 27, 2008

3 Wishes

Here are 3 things that I really really want right now.

#1 Gocco
Since I've been on etsy I've heard of this mysterious japanese mini printer.
ok well maybe its not so mysterious. but it was new to me.
After doing some extensive Gocco research, 
i have decided that I must have one of my own.
I watched an etsy labs tutorial on gocco
and they made it seem quite easy.

A Gocco generally runs anywhere from $130-160
depending on the seller.
The price is the only thing standing in my way.
But i'm saving me pennies and wishing on stars for this one.

#2 Cheap Plane Tickets to Charleston, SC
Some may not know this, but for a year, 
I went to the College of Charleston.
(Long Story)
In the end it didn't work out, 
but through that experience
i met some good friends and oddly enough,
one of my best friends.
(Another Long Story)

Anyhow, I ended up missing new york too much
so I traded in palm trees and sweet tea
for subways and small apartments.

Even though it didn't work out
I still have a special spot for Charleston,
and this year I'm hoping to have a girls weekend
with my 2 bestest girlfriends.
It's Meghan's 25th, which will lead to my 25th. wow.
so why not do it up??
So that is my second wish. Cheap airfare so that we can 
spend all of our money on a nice hotel and delicious food.

#3 A local Bagel Shop
This may sound totally silly.
And maybe it is.
But I never claimed I was going to wish
for world peace in this post..
I'm living in the Now.
and right now.
I want a bagel sandwich that I don't need to
take the B61 to get.

You'd think I'd be bombarded by bagelries.
but no. Apparently people in Greenpoint
hate bagel smamiches.
So here I am.
Wishing for a little shop
that can make me a Bacon egg and cheese on a bagel.

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Anonymous said...

aw I just got all nostalgic and started longing for charleston. can't wait to return.