Friday, February 29, 2008

Regina George and friends.

We've known it has been becoming 
more of a problem.
But yesterday I read an article in L Magazine
(for non new yorkers the L is a free mini mag
thats pretty awesome)
by Amanda Park Taylor "the conscientious objector".
It is part one of the New Yorkers guide 
to a plastic free life.

I was thinking plastic free could 
be possible, until I realized how much
plastic was around me.
Shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, 
razors, containers, etc.
Plastic has become such a way of life
that you don't even realize it is
 there anymore.

The article also says that :
"The vast majority of plastics we use
from packaging to toothbrushes, is not
recycleable, and never will be"
That's an awful truth.

Amanda's solutions to eventually eliminate plastic
begins with part 1- the bathroom.
She provides bar shampoo alternatives,
using cider vinegar and warm water as a conditioner, 
and other earth friendly alternatives.

Once I run out of my current supply of shampoo
and conditioner, I am going to experiment 
with all of these suggestions.
And will definitely post the results.

Oh and speaking of earth friendly bath stuff
I just ordered some lotion and a bar of soap from
I cannot wait to try it! 

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