Sunday, February 03, 2008

Etsy Favs

I've been spending a lot of time
trying to promote myself on etsy lately.
and by posting in the forums,
you end up seeing a lot of
what the other stores are selling.

and let me just say.
that i've found some awesome stuff.
So this post is dedicated
to all the items that i want to buy.
but cannot because im broke.

Lets start with this bracelet.

The seller is Strawberry Anarchy.
and i love her stuff.
bright and funky.
just like this bracelet.
and its only 28$

Next we have this watercolor.
by Hillarie Tasche
and call me vain if you like
but i enjoy this because it looks like me.
maybe not so much in the face.
but definitely the hair

This painting is 25$
and at some point in the near future
i will most likely purchase it.
because im a leo.
and thats how i roll.
(hillarie also has some awesome watercolors of birds.
check those out)

These next two items will be
obvious picks.
I love bunnies.
so naturally I love these.

The first is a photo
by Elle Bee Photography
and it is $8.
I especially love her animals shots and the "fine feathers" one.

The next is a necklace from Looka Jewelry
There are a lot of great necklaces in this shop.
that particular one is $52
It's nice to see a shop like this.
Simple and Classy.

There are so many other things
on etsy that i love
so maybe i will make my
fav post a weekly thing.
i think that sounds good.

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Angie said...

that bunny necklace is awesome! I've seen it around (and the bracelet)