Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When it rains it pours

Today my G4 macbook died.
And it took my music and photos with it.
Adding $1490 to my already large debt 
was not something that I planned on doing
but these days, you just can't live without a computer.
Well I guess you can. But I'd rather not.

This falls on top of my hunt for a new apartment
and dwindling bank account.
I keep finding pennies that are heads up.
and each time I do, I grab it hoping for some luck.
I'm thinking that since I'm
 a few lucky pennies in-
something good has to be coming.

Besides the financial burden 
having a brand new mac is heaven.
Once I get all my settings back in
I'm sure it will be everything I wanted and more.

Despite the unexpected trip to the mac store
I did manage to get some painting done.
I finished 3 cards, and here are 2 of them.
Apologies for the poor quality 
but i just wanted to use my photobooth.

2 comments: said...

rip g4.
yay for new ones though! :)

Furkid Fever said...

Hope tomorrow is a better day!! Love your paintings.