Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be Mine?

I've always liked Valentines Day.
While I don't think that you should
wait til this particular day 
to tell the object of your affection 
that you love them.
I think that sending cards, candy,
and small reminders that you care
are completely wonderful.

This year I have 3 Valentines.
My mom is always my #1 Valentine.
Ever since I was little 
she has always done something special.
I'd wake up in the morning to candy
or a small present.
This year, it is a facial at my favorite spa.

My #2 is my boyfriend.
We are both working tonight. 
so we won't really celebrate.
but i made him a card and got him 
some reeses hearts.

my #3 is my everyday Valentine.
Carly Valentine.

She sent me a care package yesterday
that had a book of photobooth photos, 
a cupcake notepad, and a card inside.
Carly sends the best gifts!

If you don't receive some candy today, 
then tomorrow get yourself to a drug store 
because it will all be on sale.
somewhere there is a discounted bag of
reeses hearts with my name on it!


argylewhale said...

I forgot about the sales!

High Desert Diva said...

I'm lovin' the idea of a facial!

Anonymous said...

aw I love you. I'm glad you like everything.