Sunday, February 24, 2008

Etsy Favs

Usually I stumble upon my new Favs
by way of the forums.
clicking on links, or profiles.
But today I thought I'd try something new.

I'm going to pounce my way to favorites.
Etsy has a "pounce" feature that allows you to
find random shops that are undiscovered or
have just had a sale.

So through Pouncing,
I have managed to find these new treasures.

First we have this owl ring
from dillondesigns.
These acrylic rings come with all types of designs.
They had a bunny one which I immediately wanted
but figured I'd post something different
since I am a frequent bunny poster.
And this owl is pretty cute too.
it's $7.50 which is a pretty sweet deal.

For this second shop,
I found it extremely hard to choose a fav.
I love everything in FromJapanWithLove.
and may be placing a nice sized order
quite soon.
If you love all things japanese like i do.
then this is where you need to look.
Also check out Sofia's blog
about living in Japan.
It's my new favorite.

Finally we have the "Toast and Eggs" apron
from Snappyshop.
As a true breakfast fan, naturally I am drawn to this.
But snappyshop has many varieties of aprons,
that are just as cute!
Forget wearing these in the kitchen.
I'd totally wear these out and about!!
ahh layering.

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