Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has them.
Movies, songs, restaurants
you love but will never
admit to.

Today is about being proud
of those things.
here are some of mine.

Practical Magic.

I only know a handful of people
who have even seen this.
But i love it.
and i'll watch it every time it is on.
If you love movies about witches
-which i genereally do-
(except for The Witches,
which scarred me in childhood.)

Anyhow, for a magical love story,
a crazy bulgarian zombie ghost,
and a picture perfect house and town.
see this movie.

Olive Garden Salad and Breadsticks

There are only a handful of chain restaurants
that i will eat at.
One of them being the Olive Garden.
Mainly because of the salad and breadsticks.
I dont know what they put it them
but i can eat a whole basket of those things
by myself. fact.
I live in Brooklyn, and while i'm here
i prefer not to support chains.
But if i am back in south jersey
(land of chain restaurants)
i'll totally be up for some olive garden apps.

Crowned (and other trashy tv)

Like most of America,
I am a sucker for really bad tv.
And it couldnt get much worse than Crowned.
Mother and daughter teams competing
in a beauty pageant.
I didn't watch every week,
but if i was home and it was on
i was hooked.

The house was split into the nice teams
and the crazy dramatic teams.
which is how reality tv usually pans out.
But if was fun to see just how crazy the dramatic teams were.
fun but sad, i suppose.
Who needs that much drama in their lives??
"not i" said the redhead.
thats why i prefer to watch it on tv.

So there are just a few of my guilty pleasures.
if you are so inclined and brave enough
feel free to comment with your own


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of your honesty.

Sage and Daisy said...

I never got into Crowned, but I am a huge Big Brother fan. don't tell anyone. Big Brother starts again next week! I can hardly contain myself!

Ashley said...

Guilty pleasure? You shouldn't be ashamed. Practical Magic is one of the best movies ever!!!! It is so beautiful and the soundtrack is amazing.

Anonymous said...

you are not alone, lady. I have always loved Practical Magic.