Friday, April 11, 2008

Charleston, SC

In honor of my approaching trip
I figured I'd highlight some of my favorite spots
in the city.

There are a few shops that I frequented 
when I was a resident and still visit
whenever I make it down there.

52.5 records-wonderful selection of 
music, rental movie section in the back.
and sweet magazines that you can't find 
anywhere else in Chucktown.

Rosita Jones-Currently this shop is closed
but will be reopening ASAP.
It is hands down, the best clothing shop in Charleston.
If you hate Abercrombie- go there.
(when it opens back up of course)

And believe it or not, there are 2 (TWO!!)
authentic italian gelaterias. 
Run by actual Italians!!
That equals the best gelato ever.
Go to Modica (on George St.)
and Paolo's (John st. ....i think...)

When I visit, I'll take pictures of all these places
because they are hard to find online..

I cannot wait to walk along the Battery,
you get the beautiful view of the water, palm trees
and gorgeous southern homes.

And finally, my favorite restaurant, Meritage.
Located on 235 E Bay Street, it is only a couple
blocks away from the open air market
and center of town.
When I lived down there,
 I would go whenever possible.

They have the best hummus on the planet.
And it's a tapas place so everything is in smaller portions
perfect for sharing. or being a hog.
This is an old picture of my roommates and I
the first time we ever had went to Meritage.

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Anonymous said...

When you are in Charleston go over the bridge and give the Shem Creek Inn a try. "Let the big guy eat"