Friday, April 25, 2008

Someone up there loves me.

My tax return went into my bank account today.
$2226 saved my life. fact.

I immediately wrote out a check to Apple
to pay for my mac in FULL
yes! 1 credit card down. 3 to go.
wow. when I put it that way
it doesn't sound so good...
But I am going to remain positive.

Other uses of this $ are my phone bill, 
rent, and if there is some extra some gocco supplies!
Because I am dying to use it again.
It's a shame that two thousand dollars 
doesn't go as far as it used to.

On another financial plus side
I got a second job!
I will be hostessing fri and sat nights
at a wine bar!! woo!

I just wanted to do a quick life update
since I am insanely happy I don't have to
borrow money from my parents to pay my bills.

I'll update with cooler stuff later!

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