Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wish List

These are some things 
that I really would love to own.

I am thinking that with my tax return I will treat myself to the magical printer.
I could make squids and bunnies galore!

2.)Adobe Illustrator and a nice printer/scanner
For obvious reasons. but it's just too expensive.

3.)New Digital Camera
Something that takes quick sharp photos.

4.)This necklace from Lusterstudio

Gocco and the necklace are possible
the camera and illustrator- not so much.
When I get back from Charleston I am looking for a second job...

1 comment:

Kellybot said...

Do you know anyone who is a student? Illustrator is not too bad with an educational discount. Usually, the bigger the college, the bigger the discount.
I love Illustrator so much. I use it for stuff in my other shop, PequenoPequeno.