Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hooray for April!

I'm pretty excited that April is here.
I leave for Charleston in 15 days!
it'll be a long weekend with my ladies
at the Mills House

This is headed my way from Elise

My sister finds out if she is having a boy or girl-
(I think it is a boy and the bf and I want her 
to name him Reggie.)
And I will dress him like this..
though I hope Reggie won't look
as sad as this kid.
Clearly no cephalopod appreciation.

And April means better weather!
I can't wait to break out my hotpants again.


Sarah McBride said...

I love Charleston and am extremely jealous here.
Of course I am only a 3 hour drive, so I guess that isnt too bad.
Have fun and I really like your blog!!

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

The bunnies are drifting closer to your mailbox as we speak!

Anonymous said...

the best part of Charleston is the Shem Creek Inn restaurant, give it try

Anonymous said...

Let the big GUY eat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess said...

you can forget about the shem creek chambs.
i'm going to meritage.