Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jamaican me laugh.

This past weekend I saw a movie
and purchased a movie.

I saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"
a ridiculously funny story of a man 
trying to get over a break-up.
More full frontals (read: cock shots)
than I could have imagined in a comedy.
Weird, but kudos to him for putting it out there.
pun somewhat intended.
Either way, I recommend this movie
for its constant laughs, sweet story, 
and charming actors.
My favorite is when he cries whilst singing the
muppet show theme song, and when aldous snow 
is teaching the nerd the essentials of sex with huge chess pieces.

The movie I purchased was Lars and the Real Girl.
I absolutely love this movie.
It is so funny and charming, 
and Ryan Gosling does a wonderful job
at making social awkwardness seem adorable.

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