Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When you wish upon a starfish.

All of your dreams come true.
Especially if it's this giant starfish
that was just discovered
in the icy waters of the Antarctic.
30,000 creatures were collected 
and many of them are brand new!

Those giant starfish measure 24" in length.
creepy and amazing at the same time!

Here are some more of the critters 
they found at the bottom of the sea.

I feel as though I have seen this guy before, 
so he may not be new.  
But he was 1 of 18 different species of octopus that was found.

This frightening fish is called a stareater.
Like other deep sea fish, that little stringy
extension lights up in the depths and lures 
in prey.

This is an amphipod, kind of shrimpy looking.
he was recently seen on this trip, but was first 
discovered in 1994.


Karma by Morgan said...

Those are so amazing! The starfish are beautiful. What an amazing trip!

T said...

I saw one of those stareaters in cartoon form on Finding Nemo and that was scary enough for me, the real thing looks ten times as creepy. And those starfish are amazing! Wow!