Thursday, June 26, 2008

and then the rains came..

It feels like they never stop!
This is the rainiest NY summer
that I can recall.

I'm thinking today I'll spend
the entire day drawing and gluing
stuff together.
My life has been so consumed with
finding another job,
and trying to make my rent
that I just haven't had the time
to create anything. sad.

In a perfect world I'd get to the
Pratt silkscreening lab and bust out
some brand new prints..but we'll see how
that pans out! Because right now,
no spending can happen. At least until
the rent and bills are taken care of.

I have to imagine that other twenty-something
artists are struggling with the same issues.

How can we find a medium of semi-stability
and have time and $$ for art? I'm still
working on figuring out the answer.

This was a strange post, I think I just needed
to throw some thoughts out there and have a mini
starving artist pity party. But thats over now.
I promise a much more interesting post later. fact.


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