Monday, June 23, 2008

Lazy Bones

I was doing so well with my blogging,
but it is just so easy to fall behind.

I have been fairly busy though,
once again I found myself on a train
to New Jersey. Had a nice 2 day visit
and got to see the Sex & the City movie
with my bestest friend Meghan.
pictured here.

It was exactly what I wanted it to be,
and yes I did tear up at some parts.
Like any good series, you become so
involved with these characters,
it's hard not to get emotional.

My worst emotional attachments were
either Six Feet Under (I have yet to hear
(from a person that didn't cry their eyes out
at the finale), and the British Office.
When Dawn comes back for Tim,
my heart jumps and I always lose it.

I guess I'm a series nerd. oh well.

Speaking of movies I've seen,
last night the bf, mr sebeckis, and I
went to see Encounters at the End of the World.
(After watching Spain defeat Italia in a heartbreaking
shootout.) Naturally, I was cheering for the boot.

Back to Werner's movie, it was fantastic!
Had it not been for his charming wit, I definitely
believe that this would have been a very depressing film.
The images were absolutely beautiful and other
worldy, the organic shapes that occur will always blow my mind.

The movie is only at the Film Forum until tomorrow
(Tuesday) So if you have not seen it, I highly recommend it!

I had intentions to post the six feet under finale, but after
watching it again, I don't want to bring
my readers down. so here are some of my
favorites from

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