Monday, June 02, 2008

I Heart New Orleans (part 2)

Here we are again, 
for the second installment
in my New Orleans trilogy.

This portion is dedicated 
to all the delicious food
 we ate.

Our first meal was at Johnny's Po' Boy
where there are quite a lot of choices
of things for you to have in your po' boy.
The bf had catfish, and I went the easy route 
and had chicken fingers.
It was so delicious here is me eating my smamich.

For dinner we ended up stumbling into NOLA
which is Emeril's restaurant (who knew!)
and that also was absolutely wonderful.
If you go, as an appetizer, get the pizza with duck confit, 
arugula, truffle oil and fried egg.
No words will do this justice, I forgot to take a photo
of this culinary treat. But just imagine
 heaven on a plate.

For the next 2 days we had breakfast at Cafe Du Monde.
A wonderful outdoor cafe that serves basically 2 things.

Coffee and beignets.
(I think they have soda and oj too. 
but why go there to get them??)
This was the best way to begin the day!!

For lunch we managed to eat 1 lb of crawfish, 
that may or may not be 
the first and last time I do so...

But it was good, and I fully enjoyed the crabcakes as well!
I can't recall the name of this place but its in the French Market 
and they have an outdoor cafe, where they boil them in front of you.

Our last day there we had breakfast 
at the famous Brennan's.
They have a prix fix which is a little pricey
but totally worth every penny.
I had the strawberries and cream, eggs portuguese, 
and the bananas foster. With a mimosa and cafe au lait.
Quite wonderful. 

Oh and we also ate at Muriel's
but I'll save that story for the next and final installment.


La Alicia said...

in a word, YUM!

Regal Beads said...

oh wow!
I love trying different foods when I travel!

Dan Rousseau said...

You're one sexy momma! Let me know when you leave that BF of yours!