Thursday, June 12, 2008

shoes and ships and ceiling wax.

It is still hot out, but it is
a very comfortable hotness.

I wanted to get out of my house
so I decided to walk a dog
at the barc shelter.
(the shelter I donate to)

I got Sergio, a cute little fuzzball
who was very obedient and quiet.
Naturally I talked to him
and gave him some lovins.
I am thinking of going back later
and walking him again.

I have all this spare time on my hands
why not use it to help some cute doggies.

In artsy news I have been obsessed with
folding paper into book form.
So that is what I have been doing lately
(because right now I can't afford gocco supplies)
and I'm enjoying it.
My favorite is the pocket accordion with hard covers.
Perfect for holding business cards and other flat trinkets.

I don't know if I could sell these, but I enjoy making them!
Pictures will be posted of the books and Sergio later

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