Thursday, June 26, 2008

new drawings and such.

As previously mentioned,
I spent some time drawing today

and this is what I did.

This is still not quite the way I want it yet,
but i'm getting closer.
Maybe I will change it to a penguin
and a seal, or walrus. Not sure yet.

This guy should look familiar,
this is a new take on the insurance salesman,
I've gotten rid of the suit and left only
a bow tie, and a briefcase filled with limbs.

This is a drawing I've been working on
for some time. I just keep going back and doing
a little at a time.
In case you cannot tell, this is the Vampire Squid.
A terrifying cephalopod, that curls up into his
own tentacles. I love it.

In other news, I'm headed to the Barc shelter
once again, to do some dog walking.
I'll probably just walk sergio today,
whenever I walk sofia, I always need a shower

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Anonymous said...

hooray for penguins in love!