Saturday, June 28, 2008


This sweet little bunny is Sofia.
She is another dog from the Barc shelter
that I enjoy walking.

Sofia is a Catahoula mix,
(her coat is all Catahoula but her
build is all pitbull)
She is 8 years old but you'd
think she was still a puppy,
she always wants to play.

Sofia came to Barc after she was
rescued from a dog fighting ring in Queens.
She was used as a breeding dog, and though
they tried to get her to fight-she never would.
So what did they do? they stabbed her.

She bears the scar on her side,
and while it is sad to see it.
I rest easy knowing that she is away from that life,
and in a place where people care about her.

Today I had a fun walk with her,
she laid in a puddle and then decided
to rest her dirty head on my leg while I sat on a bench.
She loves taking 20 minute breaks during her walks
were she will lay down and request belly rubs.

I hope that either I can (someday) adopt her (and serg)
or someone else can bring her into a loving home.
Because she definitely deserves one!


Jenny said...

You can just see she's got a great little kind soul...

Poor thing.

Great thing that you do, walking them and all!

La Alicia said...

what a sweet dog -- I'm sure she'll get a great home! ;)