Saturday, June 14, 2008

Etsy Favs

It has been quite some time
since I've posted some favs
but here we go.

The first item comes from Magic Jelly
I am a huge fan of her work,
and fairly jealous that I cannot
gocco like she can.

All pieces are vintage style,
with intricate patterns and
collages. fantastic.

This little fox is one of my favorites
and is very affordable at $15.

Our next item comes from Dark Elegance Designs.
In this shop there is an array of beautiful
necklaces, earrings and chokers.
Obviously the Alice necklaces are a favorite
of mine, I love anything Alice.

Finally we have Gypsy and Twink,
I just found this shop today and already am in love.
Little wooden shapes + collage= happiness.
The fruits with the birds inside is
kind of a brilliant idea. Those are definitely
my favorites. But I also liked this guy.


Anonymous said...

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

I'm always amazed by Magicjelly's gocco skillz!