Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Heart New Orleans (final installation)

Supposedly, New Orleans is one of
the most haunted cities in the US.
I believe that, the city has seen
quite a bit of trauma in its time.

And I also got creepy feelings from
certain places, some of which
produced orbs in the photos I took
(yes I am a ghost nerd)

Some of the stories are pretty lengthy
so just click on the name to take you to
the whole- or mostly whole- story.

My favorite, and arguably the most gruesome
is the LaLaurie house.

This is said to be the most haunted property
in NOLA, and understandably so once you hear the story.
Every time I photographed this house an orb turned up,
which didn't happen with some of the other places.

Oddly enough, the newest owner of this house is
Nicolas Cage- who paid $3.4 million for it.

This next story is about Marie Laveau, The Voodoo Queen.

That second site isn't ideal, but to leave out the legend
of Ms. Laveau would be wrong.
New Orleans has a long history of voodoo, and it is
just another part of what makes this city so special.

Finally, we have Muriel's, a fine dining establishment
that scared the crap out of me. (Thought the food was divine)
You can read about their ghost story, but for this I'm going to
tell you about my own experience.

While we were waiting for the check,
the bf got up to go to the bathroom.
I sat at the table and began to look around the room,
my focus stopped on the servers in their little corner.
All of a sudden I felt this rush of cold air go by,
or possibly right through, me.
I quickly looked around and the servers were still in
their corner, and no one was around to have caused this.
Freak out #1.

Once we were finished we asked our server about the supposed
seance room upstairs. He confirmed that it existed and told us
that we could check it out if we liked.
At the bottom of the steps to the second floor
there sits a table set for 2, with full wine glasses and
a basket of break on the table.
It is reserved for the previous owner of the property
and his guest. The note on the table also warns guests not
to sit down or eat from the table, as it is bad karma.
Freak out #2

We begin to climb the steps and I officially freak out.
I don't like the feeling that I'm getting,
and it is getting colder by the second.
The bf argues that all the AC units were upstairs,
and I said that heat rises-there is no way it can be this cold.

The seance rooms were beautiful but very creepy
and just a little too quiet for me.

The weird part is that all the photos I took,
lacked those orbs that I had seemed to find all over the city.
So is Muriel's really haunted? I don't know
But I do know that it made me so uncomfortable
that I did not want to stay to find out.

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